Why Anthropic





Speedy development :
For Networking/Non-Networking based Android Apps , since we have most of basic modules ready , as shown in collateral section , We just re-use existing core module from our Rapid Application development from App and Server side , This makes almost 3 to 4 times faster than any normal development time.

Stable module , reduced testing effort :
Most of Core module will be re-used , they are well tested across available products , hence any fixes or improvement to basic stack of our will be automatically inherited to customer services. This gives fewer surprises to customer about instabilities and bugs , while it reduces testing effort and hence costing of testing will be greatly reduced.

Low cost :
Our costing model is based on man efforts , hence if App development takes less time to develop with less bugs , and also need less testing effort comparatively obviously cost of App development will be greatly reduced less than half.

Faster Time to market:
Due to re-usability of most of core modules,

Reduced cloud burning cost :
We use C based Server which uses proprietary communication protocol , which is light weight and secure. Which is less demanding in terms of CPU , Memory and Internet bandwidth requirements , hence running many extra clients with a give cloud infrastructure. This is great cost reduction on monthly basis.