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Anthropic softwares pvt Ltd, is focusing towards creating a connectivity digital fabric (TrueGuide) between local B to C (Business to Customer) of every domain of society.  We have devised multi-domain Android App suites which  provides end to end operational feature set , so that it helps a customer to have visibility to customer hence attract so many customers along with it , it also allows him to manage all internal operations through this app system. We are currently focusing on domains such as Academic, Hotel, Commodity, General services, IoT (Devices automation) , Entertainment, pharmaceuticals.
TrueGuide is set of Android applications grouped in suites , Android Apps being very  convenient, handy and easy to use and widely used interface , Hence using these app will be easy by producer and consumer both, we also see that number smart phone internet users are growing and Indian Society has whole heatedly accepted technology and aggressively using it.

These apps provide great value addition to local business vendors especially small and medium business vendors, where they get a platform of visibility, and ease of operation in low cost . Each suite not only targets towards pulling customers for vendors and increasing their business but also provides features set for smooth internal day to day operations. Since we have multiple suites , inter domain connectivity is great value add for local business vendors, for making strategies to expand their business.

To achieve this herculean task we divide entire concept into multiple segments, where a person is either producer or consumer Segments such as:


TrueGuide Suites , and Apps
Education Suite:
Apps in this suite Are :Student , Teacher , Principal , Administrator and Management
Hotel industry Suite: 
Apps in this suite are :Hotel Manager , Cheff , Delivery Boy , Foody , Waiter
Commodity Suite:

Apps in this suites are:

Grocery shops , Vegetable Seller , Meat Seller , any kind of shops

General services Suite :
Apps in this suite arePlumber , Electrician , Maid , Water man etc..
IoT Suite ( In development ) Pharmaceuticals Suite( In development )
E-Governance Suite( In development ) Entertainment Suite( In development ) Emergency Services Suite( In development )

To know about details of each suite please click :

1. Academic Suite  :
2. Hotel Suite 
3. Commodity Suite :
4. General Services :