Our Collateral Assets

Our Collateral Assets:

We have created Rapid Application development framework  at client and server side , which enables for faster, stable , secure and quality driven  development resulting fast time to market , quick feature development , in low cost.  We use light weight and secure communication protocol , embedded c server  which also reduces the monthly burning cost of server or cloud.

1. Rapid Application Development Frame Work for Android Apps (Client Side):

We have rapid application development stack , which has stable, secure and well tested

  1. networking  module
  2. light wight protocol
  3. security layer
  4. local db cache

These are reusable module which reduces app development effort to 50% hence cost and time to market.


2. Rapid Application Development Frame Work for Android Apps at Server Side:

Similarly any network based app also requires server side module we have similar stack at server side for each , as follows

  1. networking  module
  2. Load balancer
  3. light wight protocol
  4. security layer
  5. Data bases

for any new app it only requires to write a plugin on the top of it reducing more than 50% of effort.