TrueGuide Hotel

Android app based Hotel/Resturant management ERP suite


Hotel Manager


Delivery Boy


In Hotel Customer

Hassle free App for Following Roles:

Foody (Customer who orders food)


Restaurant of any size can upload menu

Hotel manager can easily manage orders

User can find all near by hotels

Restaurant of any size can upload menu

Dont need to recruit delivery boys


TureGuide Hotel Management Suite ERP (Foody) :

TrueGuide Restaurant/Hotel Management ERP Suite , is local restaurant to customer connectivity system , where any small , medium or big restaurant can easily upload their menus and can make global presence within no time. This allows restaurant to increase their customer base , and also completely digitize internal operations , This suite also connects restaurants with  Local Grocery Manager , Vegetable sellers , Meat Sellers for best cost and best quality purchase. this suite also helps in stock management easily. This system reduces the need of man power hence in low cost one can run a profitable business . Restaurant dont need to recruit Delivery boys, They can get many nearest  delivery at per delivery bases through this app system.   Customer can enjoy best food and best cost at no time. Hotel manager can efficiently utilize  existing power as entire suite is divided into multiple app based on roles , hence can effective control , streamline and monitor them It has following Roles each role an Separate Android App .

  1. Hotel Manager:

This app Allows Hotel Manager to add menu items of hotel with prices, which will be visible to customer and Foody App , also using this app Hotel manager can see all the order he has received and he can assign it to available Chef , Delivery boy respectively , this way hotel don’t need recruit any man power for delivery  hence a small vendor also can manage deliveries at large scale in low cost.  Using this app One can do its internal stock management, sales and accounting using same app. Since its multi-domain app it also allows manager to procure stock in low cost and hassle free. It also allows him for man power and recruitment.

  1. Delivery Boy:

Delivery boy is independent app, which is hooked up with several hotels, grocery shops, vegetable vendors, ice cream parlor  and many other shops  of particular area(its all in one app for delivery boy), anyone can become delivery boy (after hotel, respective manager  approval)  for quick  income, delivery boy can see all hotels/shops and orders in a particular range of distance say 2Km has orders to deliver, he can show interest in those orders this way delivery boys are available to hotel manager for assignment.

  1. Foody :

Foody App is again a multi-domain app , which can be used to place order for food or any grocery items, vegetables, meat , ice cream etc.. its all in one app for consumer for home delivery where he can see all the shops/hotel for desired item , ( features of other domain will be explained in corresponding product page, in case food delivery, foody can see all the hotel in his area, he can see ratings prices of food, food quality ratings etc. and can place order from one or multiple hotels. Once a order is placed order goes to Hotel manager, he further passes it to chef and delivery boy, Foody can completely track its order status. Foody can rate an item, delivery boy, chef and hotel manager this enables other to select the appropriate.

  1. Chef :

Chef app is basically to track and address all the items to prepare based on customer required assigned by manager , chef see’s all the order he has received and prepare and updates the status which allows manager to assign it back to delivery boy and assure a delivery

  1. Waiter:

Its simple app for waiter when customer is in hotel , where waiter can show menu’s, billing information of customers , this allows waiter to take an internal order , manage multiple requirements (such request of water , additional items ) for multiple in hotel customers.  These orders are again routed through manager to chef and back to waiter.  It increases the productivity of waiter and provide great ease to customer.

  1. Hotel Customer:

Customer App Hotel specific in Hotel Customer App , which allows Customer to see all menu items , his placed orders , additional requests like waiter , cold drink  , snacks , salads etc..  This App can be placed in A tab on the table itself.