TrueGuide Commodity

Android app based Commodity shop ERP suite


January 2015: Stone Fruit
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Commodity suite:

This suite contains App which connect local shops such as Grocery, Vegetable Seller, Sport Shop, Meat Shop etc. With customers, where there is single app for customer which allow him to connect all shops.

It allows customer to see nearest shops, see the entire item they have to sell/display, user can prepare a cart out of it based on pricing, If Shop owner doesn’t have delivery boy, and he can choose among available delivery boys and assign the order for delivery.

It has following Apps.

  1. Grocery Shop Manager/Seller
  2. Vegetable Seller
  3. Sport Shop Manager/Seller
  4. Meat Shop Manager/Seller
  5. Ice cream Parlor
  6. Juice Center
  7. Bakery Shop
  8. Hotel/Restaurant