Key Features of True Guide - Academic Suite

Time Table

  1.   Teacher can add time table, syllabus going to be covered, Notes , Class task and home work for his respective subjects.
  2. Student/parent/principal time can view table table, syllabus , Notes and home work for each class hour.  accordingly , principal can see syllabus coverage and teaching detail teacher wise , class wise etc.


Teacher can take live attendance of any class hour for all the students of that class .with just click of finger, Parents can see notification if absent , parent at any point in time can check attendance for a period, it reduces lot of manual work of teacher and school administration


Principal can select class or section and in less than a minute create an exam for all subjects.It will be made available to teachers with notification in unscheduled state. Teacher can add Syllabus , Notes to refer and time table of exam. Parents and students gets notification as soon as teacher schedules it.  This goes completely paperless and very easy and hassle free for teacher and college management

Examination & Attendance performance

Teacher can see entire attendance and examination statics for her subject, like she can find out all student score less than 30 or greater than 30 and less than 60, in various permutation and combinations, stats principal can get for entire section/class or institution, where management can get for multiple institutions. Based on results teacher/principal can notify or create a meeting of corresponding parents. Even parents at any point in time can see stats of her student

Leave Management

Teacher can apply the leave for a day and clerk and principal can approve it


It can generate the attendance performance reports , exam performance reports etc.

Admission & Fees Management

Notification can be sent regarding reminders on fees. and Admissions.

Meeting & Notification

Teacher , clerk , principal and Management can send notification for Holiday , Event , Fees , Academic , Official extra . Also one can create a meetings among parents , teachers and students.

Who can use it

  • Any kind of institute ranging from LKG to engineering or medical or any stream of education.

  • Big Group of institutions , where all institutions can be controlled and monitored in one single app.

  • Small institutions with one institute.  Where they have limited man power,  where our software can substitute gap power,  hence it’s great to reduce running cost And easy hassel free management.

  • Tuition classes

  • Distance education groups

  • Class of any size and any type

Detailed Featured List

Time Table Management:

1. Allows teacher to add only his/her class timings of a week for different subjects and different sections. (this is one time activity )
2. It allows teacher to view his/her class hour schedule on daily basis.
3. Allows teacher to plan his/her syllabus management for a week or 2 days where she can enter what syllabus he/she is going to cover for any class hour as per time table.
4. Teacher can add Notes to refer for any class hour ( it can be just a snap of
board or page )
5. Teacher can add Homework for a class hour.
6. Teacher can add a class task for a class hour.
7. It allows student/parent/principal to see what part of syllabus (concepts) will be covered in a class for a week. Principal can see it across class/section or
college where as student and teacher only for concern subjects

8. It allows student/parent/principal if teacher has given notes for a class and student can see all the notes which are given for period and refer those or also can print. Principal can see it across class/section or college where as student and teacher only for concern subjects .
9. It allows student/parent/principal to see what home work is given. Teacher can comment on that homework assignment which parents can also see. Principal can see it across class/section or college where as student and teacher only for concern subjects.

Attendance Management:

1. Teacher can take attendance of any class hour for all the students of that class. App fetches role numbers automatically, teacher just need to press either present/absent and all done.
2. Teacher can also notify all absent students to corresponding parents with just a click.

Examination Management

1. Principal can select class or section and in less than a minute create an exam for all subjects.
2. It will be made available to teachers with notification in unscheduled state.
3. Teacher should schedule these exams.
4. Teacher can add syllabus and notes to refer for exams as per their subjects, all students/parents will be notified about exams schedules.

Performance Monitoring of Attendance and Examination

1. Teacher can see attendance and exam performance of individual students and also attendance and exam performance of whole section for his subject.
i. All students in a section whose attendance or exam percentage <40%.
ii. All students in a section whose attendance or exam percent >40 and <=60
iii. All student in a sections whose attendance or exam percent >60 and <=80
iv. All students in a section whose attendance or exam percent >80 and <=90
v. All student whose attendance or exam percent >90
vi. Teacher can also see individual student’s attendance or exam performance.
2. Principal can see these performances across sections or class.
3. Management can see these performances even across colleges.

Meetings and Notifications

Following notifications are supported to view and send.
1. Extra class
2. Exam notification
3. Academic event
4. Parent Meet
5. Circulars
6. Fees notification
7. Official Event
8. Official Meetings
9. Official Circulars
10. Teachers meeting
Some of notifications are result of meeting creation here is meeting format.
Invitees can be:
Teachers, Student, Parents, Board members, Principal,
Format as follows:

Venue : Agenda : , Date Time: , Minutes : , Follow ups: , Closure status

Admission Management

Leave Management


1. Our System provides greater deal of transparency to management in terms of day to day operations, it gives a bird eye view of entire operations easily, this enables
management to plan further and expand.
2. Principal can also get bird eye view of syllabus coverage, quality of teaching (homework and notes) and processes which are followed.
3. Teacher job and planning becomes very easy as they can feed well planned syllabus coverage, notes etc. Once all the data is fed teacher on daily basis can just follow the
schedule, hence lot of time of teacher and principal is saved.
4. Teacher and Principal can have strong monitoring on student attendance and exam performance at different level, the same is seen by parent on daily basis. So parent is
very well aware about his students involvement in school hence no surprises.
5. It regulates internal and external meetings properly.
6. Fees management and other events can be easily managed by notification.
7. Leave management of teachers provides an easy interface for them.
8. We also have some features/tools to promote and advertise college to increase admissions. ***
9. It provides national level platform to the institute and digitizing all internal operations including academics and monitoring gives great deal of comfort and trust to parents.
10. Student performance monitoring by teachers, parents and principal creates sense of responsibility and discipline among students and teacher, leading improved results.
11. It drastically reduces operational cost , as system becomes efficient.

Customization and New Features

We understand that every institution management style and strategy is different hence we have added only very common and essential features in this suite. And we understand every
institute will need some new feature tailor made as per their requirement. We call such features as customizations. We can always sit with Management, Clerk , Principal and
teachers find out their pain points in manual executions of some daily operations and include those features in our Apps. We can also integrate our System with your existing
Softwares, Bio metric, GPS devices etc.. to Achieve the goal of making it completely paperless and Go-Green .