About Us

What we are doing:

Anthropic Software Pvt Ltd , is Belgaum/Belagavi Based product and service startup company.  Focusing in digital city concept working on  B to C (Business to Customer) connectivity for local vendors.  Where our moto is to connect every local business (small , medium and big)  to customer from Every possible domain.

Keeping this goal in mind we have developed Android App based suites, covering domains or segments like Academic, Hotel, Commodity, Jobs and General Services.

A suite is a collection of multiple roles making an eco-system, for example Hotel/Restaurant Suite has Hotel Manager, Chef, Delivery boy, Waiter and consumer, All the roles together makes a complete eco-system. Where as General Services includes Plumber , Mechanic , Painter , Ambulance , Electrician , Puncture shop etc.. Each role will have an Android App , Click here to see complete product description.

Going forward we will target suites like Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, IoT (Home Appliances) , E-Governance etc..

Android Apps are easy to use, accessible and widely accepted in day today basis by many people.  We see increasing numbers of internet users especially using Android mobile.  Click here To know about products


Are we a “me too player?”

No , We are not “me to player” .  Our apps suites are generic, which allows every big or small vendor to make their presence through our app suit system.  We understand that there are so many apps around, but most of these app systems are built for specific vendors and not accessible to local vendors. Even though we live in “app world” but still, it’s not helping to small and medium scale business. These small and medium businesses cant afford to build technology for themselves.   Our App suites provide the equal platform for small vendor, medium and big business.  And it not only helps them to increase their customer base, also provides complete management systems for them to scale up. We have multi-domain app suites which connects all domain across for example , Hotel Suite connects to Vegetable seller , Meat shops ,and General services  It also needs job services . Hence providing complete technology eco-system for efficient operations , provides great value addition to local business.

Our Technical Background:

We are group technical and management people joined hands together, we come from strong technical background worked into several product  and service based MNCs , Our Average Technical Experience 8 years which includes Core Java , Android , UI Development Embedded Programming in Linux Network programming , High performance and scalable distributed architectures .Network Security and Cyber Forensic (IPS , IDS and Firewalls ) TCP IPv4 IPv6  SDN , Infini band Network domain expertise (Development and testing ) Strong security and Stability test team . Rapid Application development framework building ( for faster time to market and high stability ) Proven track record of building multiple products and architectures .IoT (Internet of things) Such a combination of technical expertise makes us very confident on attempting very high for product development and attracting services ( customer product development ) , our technical expertise is good enough to handle  big projects from multiple domains.

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